Deactivation Protection

IDG is Here to Advocate For You and Get You Driving Again.

For drivers, deactivation from apps like Uber or Lyft is a devastating and often undeserved punishment that cripples their ability to make a living. Passengers may lodge false complaints, there may be miscommunication between drivers and riders, or drivers may simply need feedback to improve. Regardless of the situation, due process is essential to a fair and equitable workplace for drivers.

That’s why the Independent Drivers Guild has advocated fiercely on behalf of drivers and become the first labor organization in the nation to negotiate a fair process for reinstating drivers after they have been deactivated. The power to do this comes from our tens of thousands of members who are organizing in the streets, in parking lots, and at committee meetings. We believe in building worker power from the ground up. Due process for deactivation protection is just the first step.

What is Deactivation Protection?

Deactivation protection ensures that drivers who have been deactivated by apps like Uber and Lyft are granted due process. With deactivation protection, drivers have the opportunity to share their side of the story, to fight back against misinformation and to get their jobs and their livelihoods back on track. We believe that every worker deserves a fair and equitable workplace. Deactivation protection is one step towards providing that for drivers.

How To Use This Benefit

Deactivation Protection is currently available in New York and New Jersey, depending on the rideshare platform. We are continuing to fight tirelessly to bring this program to more states and more drivers. 

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