Billion-dollar rideshare platforms will always work toward their own best interests–keeping executives happy and increasing their bottom line. But, they don’t work without drivers like you who quite literally keep their business running. Working together, we can shift the power dynamics and fight for better wages and a more equitable workplace.

Through organizing, we’ve already won substantial victories, like:

  • Requiring Uber to add a tipping option
  • Deactivation Appeals
  • Bathrooms for drivers at airports in NYC and Newark
  • A $27.86 minimum wage in NYC

We are just getting started! In order to reach our goals, we need you. Join the conversation and make your voice heard. Sign up now here.


At the height of the pandemic and despite considerable risk to their own health, drivers continued to go to work, making sure that essential workers and first responders were able to get to where they needed to go.

Despite scarcity, understanding the importance of the job drivers were being asked to do, IDG managed to secure over 20,000 PPE kits, distributing them to drivers across the city.

Membership Meetings

Members like you are the only way that we’re able to secure wins for drivers across the country. Our weekly membership meeting is an opportunity for the IDG to update drivers on the direction of the organization and upcoming priorities and goals. We also regularly invite special guests to provide valuable resources and benefits.

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Community Engagement

We believe that in order to support our drivers it’s essential that we also support their communities. Our representatives and organizers can be found at community sites and events across all five boroughs, offering support and assistance to both drivers and their families.

In-Person and Remote Assistance

In-person or remote, the IDG is always available to provide support to drivers like you. Contact us to schedule a time to meet with an organizer.

Radio Show

Listen to IDG Live every Saturday at 11:00 pm on WPAT 930 AM to hear our team discuss relevant industry topics. Dial in to join the on-air conversation or just tune in to catch useful updates.

Social Justice

Our drivers hail from diverse communities across New York City and the world. We believe that diversity is our greatest strength–both as drivers and as a global community. Now, more than ever, it is essential that we wrestle with the ways that systemic racism shapes and impacts our lives as individuals and as a whole. We reject and denounce any form of hate and/or racism, and we stand with the tens of thousands of protesters across our country in demanding radical changes that will address the root causes of social and economic injustice.

We are demanding that the TLC and the app companies review their policies and practices pertaining to the systematic racism of riders. Drivers should not have to worry about losing their job and their livelihood based on the color of their skin, their religious beliefs, or their country of origin. Together, we can work toward a more just and fair society, beginning in the workplace.

Petitions and Campaigns

  • Right to Bargain: At the heart of our mission is our fight for the right to bargain. The right to bargain will allow drivers like you to maintain all of the benefits of being an independent contractor, while also giving you the power to negotiate for the standard of treatment you deserve. The rideshare companies rely on you in order to make a profit and should treat you with the respect that you deserve. We have been leading and winning the fight to empower drivers in advocating for better pay, a safe working environment, and driver-friendly policies. Securing the right to bargain is the next step in this mission. We know that if we stand strong together, this victory will be ours.
  • Petition to Congress: Because of the long-term economic effects of the COVID-19 crisis, we’re demanding that Congress extend Pandemic Unemployment Compensation beyond July 26, 2021. New York drivers have a long, uphill battle to fight to regain the financial security they lost during the COVID-19 pandemic. The success of this petition will ensure that they will have adequate relief to cover immediate expenses. Sign the Petition Today!
  • Insurance Petition: With New York City having slowed to a halt during the pandemic, it is unreasonable to expect that drivers can continue to pay car insurance. Drivers should not have to pay insurance companies when they have not been able to work. Sign this petition to tell the insurance companies enough is enough!
  • FHV Zero Violence: For years, IDG has been campaigning to prevent violence against drivers, but little has been done by the TLC and app companies. We’re demanding that several safety measures be instituted to ensure driver safety. See our driver safety campaign here.