Avibra Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance

What is Avibra Life and AD&D Insurance?

As drivers, we’re only covered by certain insurances, like the death benefit from The Black Car Fund, when we’re on the job. But what happens to our families if the worst happens off the job?

That’s why we’ve partnered with Avibra and Drivers Benefits to grant drivers no-cost life and AD&D insurance. 


  • $1,000 of no-cost Life Insurance
  • $1,000 of no-cost Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)

Plus, Avibra gives you the option of increasing your no-cost coverage by watching videos, reading articles, and taking quizzes about wellness. 

How to Use

First, make sure you’re a member of Drivers Benefits. It’s a free program that is funded by a 3% fee that New York State charges your passengers (through The Black Car Fund). Click the link below to sign up. Or, if you’re not sure if you already have, call 833-814-8590 to check. 

Then, check your email for messages from us and Avibra about how to activate your no-cost coverage through the Avibra app. You will need to check in on the Avibra app every month to keep your coverage active. 


Will I ever have to pay for this coverage?

You won’t ever need to pay for the coverage that the IDG has granted to you ($1,000 each for Life and for AD&D). You can choose to purchase additional benefits from Avibra’s Dollar Benefit Store. However, this is totally optional. 

Does this coverage expire?

Avibra will send you reminders every month to check in on the app and renew your no-cost coverage. They will ask you to select a social cause to support, and then Avibra will donate to that cause on your behalf, so there’ll be no cost to you. 

However, if you don’t check in monthly, or if you stop driving, the original coverage granted to you by IDG will expire when that month ends. But, you will keep any coverage that you earned in the app, plus any benefits that you purchased in the Avibra Dollar Benefits Store. 

How do I choose a beneficiary?

As soon as you activate your no-cost coverage and download the Avibra app, you’ll be able to choose your beneficiary. We recommend that you fill out the beneficiary information as soon as possible. This way, it will be easier for your loved ones if they ever need to access your benefits.

It’s also important that you share your insurance documents and policy information with your beneficiaries as soon as you can. 

Where do I go if I need help with the insurance?

For help using the Avibra app and navigating your coverage, email Avibra directly at hello@avibra.com

For help with your insurance policy, please contact the provider directly. You can find out who your provider is by opening the Avibra app, going into your account and selecting ‘Documents’. It might also be useful to email these documents to yourself. 

It’s important that you share your insurance documents and policy information with your beneficiaries as well so that they will have the information ready if they need to contact the provider.

How can I increase my no-cost insurance coverage?

Avibra gives you the opportunity to increase your coverage under the Earn Insurance & Rewards tab on the app. Here, you can read articles, do quizzes, and watch wellness videos to add no-cost coverage to your policy. To find out even more: Call: 833-814-8590

How can I access my insurance documents?

Access your insurance policy documents in the Avibra app under your account and in the ‘Documents’ tab. 

I just signed up for Drivers Benefits. How soon will I get my no-cost insurance coverage?

After you sign up for Drivers Benefits, you should see an email that includes your unique link to register with Avibra after 24 hours. 

What’s the Avibra Dollar Benefits Store?

In addition to the no-cost insurance available to you, you can choose to shop in Avibra’s Dollar Benefits Store for other benefits, like Critical Illness, Identity Theft Protection, and Risk Advisor, all for $1/week. These benefits are totally optional to purchase. 

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