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Obtaining legal services is confusing, expensive and time consuming. Whether you need to resolve a traffic ticket or obtain workers’ compensation, just finding the right lawyer can feel like a full-time job–and one that most of us can’t afford. That’s why IDG provides its members with access to quality, affordable legal services from lawyers who are vetted, care about customer service and understand the needs of drivers. We believe that the justice system should work for everyone, not just the rich and powerful, and we want to ensure that all drivers are given a fair opportunity to advocate for their rights.


Legal Assistance with Police-Issued Tickets in New York and New Jersey
  • If you’ve received a police-issued ticket in either New York or New Jersey, one of our qualified lawyers will help you to fight that ticket at a discounted rate (usually around $100.) This applies to speeding tickets, lacking proof of license or registration, making an illegal U-turn, and more. This service cannot currently assist you with parking tickets or camera tickets.
Help with Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC)-issued tickets
  • Depending on your issue, you can receive a free initial consultation with a vetted, affordable TLC Representative who will provide you with information about your situation.

How To Use This Benefit

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To see if you qualify or for help with translation services, please call our member support team at 1-833-814-8590 Monday – Friday, 8 AM to 8 PM.

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